Kim Wilde

You can’t accuse Kim Wilde of time wasting. Having just released a new single, ‘Dancing in the dark’, which is taken from ‘Catch as catch can’, her latest LP, she’s dashed off on a European tour. Before she left Bev Hillier asked her a few quick questions.

Where do you live?
I bought a flat in London last year. I spend half my time there and the other half at home in Hertfordshire with my family.

Do you smoke?
I used to. I gave it up when I started singing as I was having chest problems. It was also affecting my voice.

What will your stage image be for this tour?
It’s funny you should ask becuase something quite exciting has happened. The students at the North East London Poly were asked to design an outfit for me. There’s an evening dress which might not be suitable on stage, a cowboy outfit and a jumpsuit. I hadn’t thought about clothes for the tour, so when this idea came along I was really pleased.

Do you have to watch your weight?
Yes, I like to keep an eye on it. I was quite surprised at the size of my hips when the designers were measuring me. I hardly eat nowadays as I’m always too busy. I make myself eat breakfast and do try to keep to a balanced diet. I’m taking a caterer on tour so that should help.

What do you do on a normal day off?
I don’t seem to get many of them. When I do I like to go off to the shops for my cotton wool, Born Blonde hair colouring and other bits and pieces.

Do you get boy groupies when you’re on tour?
Unfortunately no. I get lots of boy and girl fans queueing to see me after concerts. I always try to get out and have a chat with them. Boys are very good at hiding their emotions and try to act all tough when they meet me. A few of them go a little weak at the knees but that’s all.

Are you manipulated by your father and brother?
No. Not at all.

What do you want for Christmas?
A big hit record. Failing that I need an iron and ironing board.

What did you look like when you were a teenager?
Vile. I had mousy hair, big feet, was a little on the plump side and two front teeth that needed capping. I was a bit of a raver though.

Do you bleach your hair yourself?
Yes. I decided to go blonde when I was 18 and had it done at the hairdressers. It cost £15 which was quite a lot. My mum hated it. I do it every six weeks. I leave an inch root and bleach the rest.

What make-up do you use?
I’ve been using the same Mary Quant brown paint box for the last four years.

Do you buy your knickers from M&S?
No, I never go to Marks as there isn’t one near me.