Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde has grown both as a person and as an artist. Today, she is more ready than ever before for celebrity challenges.
Leisure time has passed with home remodelling in a new home town.
‘Now I no longer have to fly back and forth to department stores for costumes’, the happy star exclaims.

Kim Wilde has got her system in order, there is no doubt about it. The hot blonde has the hits ‘Love Blonde’ and ‘Dancin In The Dark’ ringing on the radio and jukeboxes, while the girl is clothed more feminine, emphasizing skin with a mini skirt.
‘I was always hiding my legs in jeans, just as I was ashamed of them’, Kim says with a laugh and waving her legs, which do not have any noticeable fault, not really.
The new figures also acquired from Londo. The old apartment, which did not interest anyone weak in terms of facilities and condition the star. Kim repaired walls, doors, wiped away the dust and debris, and lo and behold, the place was suddenly full of iron.
Days of the year, it added hastily stand empty, without curtains, but it feels like home now just right. And the finest in all of this is the fact that I no longer need to go back and forth from Hertfordshire to London.


Kim has grown as a person and as an artist, able to relate to the challenges of life and career. A couple of years ago, the world was able to get to her with some vicious or false rumours.
“Collecting newspaper articles is fortunately not a hobby. Half of the stuff is nonsense, that is, how am I going to get married, signed by one million dollar contracts and so on! Photos I will try to collect, they are nice mementos.”
Absolute favourite is a photo of Kim sitting at the same table with Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney last year! I think a good second is photo of Kim shaking hands with Princess Margaret, known pop fanatic.
“In the meantime, I’ve yet to meet many admiring artists such as Elvis Costello and Elton John. The greatest of all, Elvis Presley I approached only through recordings and photographs. It’s now or never was number one when I was born!”
Kim has her own managing company, which is headed by mother Wilde, as well as her own marketing company Big M Productions. In the near future extent established by Kim’s money open its doors in a modern recording studio, the future Wilde hits production.
“I wil try to meet with old friends as often as possible. We go skiing, dancing, we celebrate each other’s birthdays, and the like. The awareness that someone, somewhere really cares about me. It is true happiness.
It really is.