Kim Wilde

So here she comes, the cool blonde, the Marilyn Monroe of pop – Kim Wilde. With a newly formed band, she is now trying to get away with live performances as a concert artist after six single hits. It can be seen three times in Germany: on December 4 in Hamburg, 5th in Offenbach and on 6th in Düsseldorf. According to her own statements, which she made to the music scene in London, she relies primarily on her music.
“Gags, spectacular light shows and large stage choreographies are in many cases just a distraction – I want to convince with my music.”
Kim proved that she could do it a year ago in England on the first tour she ever did. The concerts were sold out at lightning speed and were so successful that English television made a broadcast about it. It is also due to this success that the still very reserved, 23-year-old artist is now touring through nine European countries.

However, Kim had to deal with adverse conditions throughout the year, which kept them having trouble with deadlines. So the completion of their album “Catch As Catch Can” and the single “Dancing In The Dark” was repeatedly delayed. As a result, the tour dates could not be specified. As soon as these were determined, Kim had to search for musicians. Her brother Ricky suddenly had no desire to be there. For this purpose, he is building a family-owned recording studio outside of London and would like to work more as a producer there in the future. A month before the Germany data, it also became clear that saxophonist Gary Barnacle, previously one of the pillars in Kim’s team, is no longer available. Gary is now touring America with Soft Cell and is now otherwise required by a contract with another record company. A replacement for him was still unknown two weeks before the start of the tour.

And so the band now presents itself in the following incomplete line-up: Steve Byrd (guitar), Mark Heyward-Chaplin (bass), Boris Brainsby Williams (drums) and Ken McAilea (keyboards). Despite these unfavorable conditions, Kim Wilde believes that thanks to the skills of her musicians she can make ends meet.
“We took a lot of time to select the musicians and checked everything carefully before we decided,” she explains of the long-term composition of her band. And she takes the view that this is precisely why these musicians are able to practice their concert repertoire in a very short-term and yet qualitatively perfect manner. This mainly consists of her hits and the new LP “Catch As Catch Can”. The name of the LP seems to fit the turbulent tour preparation time – freestyle wrestling. After the first rehearsals, the struggle on the stage seems to go in favor of Kim Wilde.