Kim Wilde: a dream girl

Between Debbie Harry and Emmylou Harris, the Englishwoman Kim Wilde is an authentic charming singer… A grave and sensual voice, luscious mouth, a silhouette of dreams and hair of an insolent blondness: no one can resist. Especially since her new opus ‘Catch as catch can’ (EMI 1654081) takes things exactly where they left their second album, several hundred thousand copies sold around the world!

A clever alternation of dynamic little songs – “House of Salome” – for the dance, and ballads in soft hues – “Love Blonde” – for the atmosphere, assures the diversity of the disc, and especially its formidable efficiency. Try “Sparks”, seven seconds later you will be seduced, or the extreme sweetness of “Sing it out for love”, barely stroked acoustic guitar. And it does not matter if Kim Wilde invented or not the powder in the eyes, it throws us in the ears … To prove it to us, Kim Wilde will sing on Tuesday, November 29 at 8 pm, in hall 32 of the Palais de Beaulieu in Lausanne.