Kim Wilde: A new private life for the most sexy rocker!

Published in
Podium (France)
Written by
Brigitte Protti

From Kim Wilde, for several months, we had no news. At least in France. But in France always "No news", and it turned out that the proverb had not deceived us. As in a fairy tale, one morning, at the post we found Kim Wilde's latest one, with the brilliant song "Love Blonde". Even the least aware eye could have noticed the change that had taken place. No more the punk and chubby baby who had conquered us all with his famous "Kids in America". As a child, there was nothing left but a small reflection of innocence in the look, completely hidden by a beautiful blonde whom one could call "the new Marilyn". The brilliance, the sumptuous shapes, the blond hair of an angel, the bewitching look, and a black leather dress! As one has all at least once taken to bear in her life, without yet daring.

Unless we had this little something, Kim obviously inherited it, so very quickly we decided to give her a visit just before she was assaulted by the (international) press. And it is a busy Kim Wilde that we met in London, very worried about the release of her latest 45 'Love blonde', but aussie and especially by ... her new apartment. That was what was calling down well, wasn't it? In full hesitation before two samples of carpet, a sky blue and a rose, for her living room.

How long have you been singing Kim?
Hum ... I started very young, I was about 10 years old, my big brother had recorded a record and I was in the chorus ...

You prefer pink or blue?
Obviously, the classic interview would not take me very far, while choosing between the pink or the blue of a carpet appeared to me at the same time much more exciting.
You know, it's going to be almost a year that I'm devoting myself to the decoration of this apartment, now I only have a few weeks to wait before I live there. Until now, I lived with my parents an hour's drive from London, but it was not very practical. I love my family that makes me feel good, besides we all work together ... Except my sister, because she is two and a half years old ... But I wanted, I do not know how to explain, Have my own sofa, my own bathroom ... That is also why I decided to take this apartment in North London.

North of London? It is not a particularly picturesque place ...
Yes, but it's very convenient, my recording studios are close by, as well as the airport you understand?

I understand that at 22 years, the celebrity did not raise to the head and that Kim definitely feet well on earth. To move from a family very united like yours, has a single life is not a transition too sudden?
(One way or another to try to know if, just to avoid this transition, a small flirt was not at the origin of this move ...)
A flash passes into an angel's look. Young but not really naive. Her private life looks at her, it feels ... Not really naive either because she keeps a smile on her lips ...
No, not at all because I do not feel that I have abandoned my parents. I visit them very often, even if only for work. My father was very busy with me on this last record, and it was almost him who had the idea to make me change my look, make me sexier, more fatal. In fact, I took this change as a game, the 'glamor' (understand: being sexy) is part of the personality of every woman whatever she can say. I wanted to make my audience discover this side of my personality that I had not explored until now. But it is a game in the sense that it will certainly not last ...

Hum ... I doubt it because this little game is certainly very exciting, it is so easy to get caught ... All the great seductresses have even to start like that, playing. But many have fallen into the trap of their own charm, while Kim seems more realistic.
"I do not want to live with anyone, as I told you, I feel like a 'home' I love my job, I also do a lot of aerobics (it is also seen in his silhouette truly superb) my life is currently more than filled up There is no more place I conceive the marriage towards thirty years And at that time I would also like to have children, at least two, a maximum of five (What ambition!). Meanwhile I have so many professional projects ...

As well as extra-professional as it is at this time that the phone rings. Looks like Kim, I immediately understand that it is ... not her boyfriend ... but the carpet seller because to see it concentrated on the samples, I feel the difficult time of choice has arrived. So you think Pink or Blue?
I'll take both. The pink one will be for the living room, the blue for my bedroom. And they both left in a discussion about the measurements, hence it seems useless to get it out. But why not? The main thing, that's what happens behind the scenes, you know, the rest, but it's his sumptuous 'Love Blonde' single that you only have to 'A listening lying on blue carpet ... or pink ...