Kim Wilde bares her soul

What better way to get to know someone than to ask: write down exactly what you like and which things you absolutely hate. At the request of Muziek Expres, Kim Wilde paints a clear picture…

I love:
Chaka Khan. The best funk there is.
Jazz ballet.
To be served on.
Italian cooking.
Sunny days when I don’t have to do anything.
A beautiful skin.
Writing. Letters, songs and music.
People who love me.
Mirrors. They make a room seem bigger. In my bathroom I have a lot of them.
Icecold drinks when I’m very thirsty.
Being at home alone.
Cycling through London.
My perfume ‘Eau de Calandre’.
Doing business.
Tommy Coopers humor.

I hate:
Expensive meals in restaurants that are presented as ‘Nouvelle Cuisine’.
Make-up when the weather is hot.
Being jealous. (It happens to me sometimes)
Faded flowers.
Having to think of my weight all the time.
Ugly photographs of myself.
People who have no eye for detail.
People who say: “I bet you’ve got a cramp in your hand” when I’m about to give them an autograph.
Taxi-drivers who drive all around town to push up the price.
Having to go to the doctor or dentist.
Meeting people I vaguely know when I don’t feel like talking to anyone and just want to walk a little.
All those questions about my father and the influence he’s had on my carreer. It makes me crazy. I’m capable of murder.
The fact that I’m annoyed when my neighbours turn up the music too loud.
Myself, when I have to smile politely and diplomatically.