Kim Wilde has been friends with saxophone player Gary Barnacle (30) for a year – yet her motto is: “I live into the day and enjoy what is coming!”

“The voice is like a good wine – if you treat it properly, it gets a little bit better every year!” This is what the British pop singer Kim Wilde (22) said when I asked how she managed to land one million hits after another (“View from a Bridge”, “Cambodia”).

I’m sitting opposite Kim Wilde, who was even voted best singer of 1982 in front of superstars like Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson in England and who was already allowed to shake hands with Princess Margaret, in a Berlin hotel. “With so much success, there is hardly any time left for private life – what does your friend Gary Barnacle say about this?” I ask the blonde rock lady, whose father Marty (44) – himself a famous pop star in the 50s – writes the lyrics for his daughter, while Kim’s brother Ricky (21) composes the music for her.

“Sometimes my career is my top priority, sometimes my private life is more important – depending on what’s happening right now,” says Kim, who after a love vacation with Gary Barnacle (30) in the Caribbean was inseparable from the saxophone player of her backing band and even did spoke of marriage. Today she doesn’t want to know anything about it anymore!

“I’m definitely not going to get married and have children so quickly. But I’m not a person who plans his future and my relationships with men are not subject to any rules. I live into the day, take it as it comes and enjoy it Possibilities develop from this that cannot be foreseen, people change every day – and the conditions around them too!

Take my father: he mourned his previous success and no longer knew when to drop the bottle. It was a bad time for my mother Joyce and my little siblings Marty (4) and Roxanne (3). Then came my surprising success. That also gave my father a boost – and he put the bottle down! “

“This success – is it more important to you today than private happiness?”

“I am very accessible to everything that comes to me – without turning it into a program for the future! I am a very free-thinking person and very tolerant. But I am also a very emotional person and react accordingly – which I do I was quite disappointed by men! So I think it’s better not to have high expectations and instead to enjoy the moment … “

And that says a girl of 22 years! What did the show industry do with the happy thing that said 18 months ago: “I dream of getting married and having children – I’m actually far too normal for show business!”