Kim Wilde: “I take all the blondes by the arm”

After eight months of radio silence your new single “Love blonde” is released. What’s behind the title?
I speak about the cliches that people talk about when they talk about blondes – that they would be a bit dumb, vain and crazy. Brigitte Bardot has always suffered from that image. And I have also had to deal with this at the beginning of my career. The song is not so seriously, it’s more like a parody.

Is it true that you perform this song in a somewhat erotic outfit?
I don’t know if I look very sexy, but I try to anyway. I wear a black leather dress with a spilt and a refined cut. For the first time it’s something else than the jeans I’ve always worn. Also this dress underlines the lyric of the song.

You said in your last interview that you had to lose some weight before you got back into the limelight. Did you succeed?
Yes, I have lost four kilos! Also I have done a lot of work in my house, which helped… Cleaning and decorating and the stress of working so hard let the pounds fly off.

Are you living together with your boyfriend Gary in your new home?
No, I enjoy living alone for the first time in my life too much. We get along fine, but when we work together in the studio – he is the saxophone player in my band – and at night we go home together and he would go and sit and watch television, that’s not right for me!
It’s good not to spend every minute together. In the long run you get to read eachother’s mind. I’d like to keep a few secrets to myself for now.

When will your new album be released?
In September. I will present one song on Septmber 6 in “Bananas”. When the record is successful, I will go on tour in the autumn!