Kim Wilde in France: events in the air

‘She is fair as wheat’, we can say about the lovely Kim, if one refers to both her hair and her sales figures.
‘Chequered Love’, ‘Cambodia’ or ‘Love blonde’, three certified hits attest to the success of this eclectic rocker about whom magazines brag incessantly how she shines both physically and musically, and in London recently celebrated her twenty-three springs.
Pianist at halftime and by luck with a peer and a gifted brother for her to compose melodies and to manage her career, Kim Wilde, about whom is said that her art is ‘healthy and reassuring’, is able to vary types and rally to her cause assorted lovers on songs that are extremely efficient but harmonious.
In Lyon tonight and Paris (in pavilion Baltard Nogent) tomorrow at 18 hours, she will attract a very large crowd, one that moves when there is an event in the air.