Kim Wilde in love: “I won’t let Gary be snatched away from me!”

“One evening Steve picked me up from home. No-one knew where we wanted to go. But just as we entered the restaurant, a horde of sensation hungry photographers jumped on us! Flashes came from all sides, so that I nearly lost my mind! I’m sure Steve tipped off someone from the press… I haven’t forgiven him for that!”, tells Kim Wilde, disappointed about her adventure with Visage-boss Steve Strange. No wonder, that Kim doesn’t speak about her love life anymore after such an experience. Kim with Steve Strange – Kim with Adam Ant – Kim with Eddie Tenpole (from Tenpole Tudor)! When Kim is seen with a companion, the press always speaks of a romance! “Most of these boys were really just friends”, Kim defends herself. “After these experiences I have no lust to be presented in the papers with a new ‘fiance’.”
Kim learned a lot of tricks from her father, who was a celebrated Rock ‘n’ Roll star, to beat the sensationalist reporters! Kim was able to keep her real lover, Gary Barnacle, saxophone player in her band, a secret! But even now the romance is out in the open, the pair keep away from publicity. When they want to go out, things happen like in a James Bond movie: both go to a secret place in their own cars and then change into the car of one of their friends. “Gary is really a great guy, who doesn’t let anything slip from his mouth”, laughs Kim happily. “I have searched for such a man for a long time. I won’t let Gary be snatched away from me anymore!”