Kim Wilde in Paris

With her first single, ‘Kids in America’, Kim has seen success. She has found a tandem of composers in her father and her brother, who custom-created her hits which her audiences wait for. After the first 45s, she went on with ‘Chequered Love’, ‘Cambodia’, and more recently the very aptly named ‘Love blonde’, who have all earned the favor of the general public. Concurrently, her albums (‘Kim Wilde’, ‘Select’) had the same success, the third, ‘Catch as catch can’, which has just appeared, offering a title that was produced by Nile Rodgers, co-leader of the black funk band ‘Chic ‘ and co-producer of the latest album by David Bowie.

Kim’s physique is certainly to be taken into account to explain her current success. There is not a British magazine that regularly features her in one of their issues, praising her ‘good looks’ of a modern girl. Music by Kim Wilde is nothing innovative but it possesses the strength to match the style of the day: comforting and healthy. Knowledgeable professionals Marty Wilde and Ricky do not hesitate to listen what is happening around them to inspire plenty of topics that they then give to Kim for her to interpret.