Kim Wilde in three years to the top

One of England’s most popular singers Kim Wilde is coming to Finland for the first time. Kim is especially a youth-oriented second-generation artist who has hit herself around the world in a short time. Parents may also breath a sign of relief. This is the ideal of a youth when it favors healthy lifestyles in every possible way. Our reporter met Kim just before a major European tour.

The hottest name in England today, Kim Wilde, was born under really lucky stars. Her father, Marty Wilde, is still in the music world, whose golden days were already before the family was set up. Marty Wilde was even Tommy Steele and Cliff Richard a more popular singer who whipped his audience completely. He was named Prince of England’s Rock’n Roll in the late 1950s.
Today we are talking to his daughter. Dad Marty has come down to the back, though he closely follows the careers of his children and is involved in many practical arrangements.
– Dad spent some time in his 25th anniversary celebration, says a blonde-haired, light-hearted Kim Wilde record company in London’s representative office. – There was a pace in them that many younger people would not be able to.
Kim is proud of his father and his success. – The father had 14 hits, many of whom are still playing. At that time, rock musicians were treated differently today. Marriage meant almost the same as suicide. The singer had to be wild and free in the 1950s. A permanent girlfriend drove out the adventurers and that’s why my parents went away secretly.
“My father was married” says Kim Wilde. – Of course we older children have fulfilled his father’s wishes.
Marty Wilde’s worst competitors at Tommy Steel and Cliff Richard, who is currently on their 25th anniversary tour, have no children at all. Marty had four. – In our family the kids are in two series, laughs Kim. – I am a 23-year-old point and my brother Ricky 19-year-old. Then there are the little ones in the family, namely Roxanne, 4, and Marty Junior 3 years old. Still can not say anything about them, but Ricky and I have chosen music.

We always played and we were singing

Kim Wilde is an excellent blend of talent. She has inherited at least the best of her parents for the audience. His father became a musical, mother, Joyce Baker, a supple body and a dance skill. Good help for a performing artist.
– As a kid I always sang and remember I was often in the bonnet of a father asking me to hang me on his guitar, Kim says. – We lived in the west of London in Chiswick. I went to school like other children, but I was not particularly good at school. Music was always in everything. I stopped school and went to the art school for years, but then my brother Ricky made a song in Kids in America. I sang it and all started.
– I can say I’m a lucky guy, Kim says. I am young and only three years in the field and still dare to say my career is on the rise.
Marty Wilde is starting to welcome her daughter’s career choice. – In the case of Ricky, my dad accepted the music profession when my brother was 12-13 years old, Kim says. – For me, he sharpened the importance of education all the time and warned, even though he was opposed, to take this job. Kim laughs at the idea that his father is somehow chauvinistic, but some of the features he may find may be. “Father has seen many girls over the years trying to try on a girl, but in vain. He wanted to save me from disappointment.

Kim has bought a home in London

Kim and Ricky Wilde have lived together with their parents so far. Right now Kim has bought a small apartment in London’s St. John Wood. Aiti, whose nickname is Pushka, has helped to decorate it. Independence and living alone still seem to be a bit of a visit, and Kim says he is at home with his family as much as possible. Especially small siblings are spoiled by the little ones. The whole family of Christmas is spending time together, and then Kim leaves with his friends to go skiing in Italy.
Kim Wilde has worked hard for three years for his career. He has had a great tour and also individual consulates all over Europe. Also in the United States, he has been on an ad travel. The pace has been soaring. The question is whether he or she needs a so-called ” Normal life as other ages, Kim replies that he is not so goddamned. But boyfriend does not have time, but there is no hurry to set up a family. “I was dating for the first time at the age of 13, but now I do not have time to socialize,” says Kim. I have a lot of good friends with whom I go to concerts and discos. But I also enjoy very well at home.
– I have now been starting writing songs. Taking into texts takes time. I would like to say more to my songs than that love is wonderful, close to you.

I do not have time for hobbies

– Hobbies, spins Kim’s word. – I understand it or they are things that a person does regularly once a day or a few times a week. No such thing for me has time or opportunity. Music takes all my time. However, I’m glad to get up and sometimes even a teddy bear, but I’m afraid to say I’m doing it.
– I’m happy to go shopping, makeup and even hairdresser, Kim says. – These usually belong to my program on Monday, and so I spend my free time. The purchase of clothing is a chapter in itself. Right now I’m fond of black leather and materials.
Kim has more money available than many young people. In fact, he says he deserves well, but does not want money to order his life. – I enjoy the money, of course. But I still dare to say that the soul peace is more important than money.

I take care of myself

From the talk of money, Kim passes quickly and continues enthusiastically about the importance of human being to take care of himself, both physically and mentally. – I’m trying to be healthy in my lifestyle, Kim says. – I’m trying to eat as healthy as possible. Alcohol no more than tobacco is out of my ways.
– I think it’s very important that you feel good to live, Kim thinks. – That feeling can not be bought for any money. He treats his mental health eg. meditating.
Several times during the interview, Kim Wilde emphasizes the importance of inner peace. She says she is trying to do just what she feels for itself, as well as fit, natural and important.
Believe Kim Wilde to say that she has never lied in her life. – Not even the so-called white lies, she assures.
– These are things my parents have taught us and I try to live by them, Kim says.
Kim is not afraid to say anything at all in the domesticity of his home or other world. For example, in my acquaintance, there are no drug users. In fact, I despised and sorry for them. Behind the drug or alcohol can hide in the same way as sunglasses cover in the rain.
– I do not want to give any program declarations or manifestions, I’m not a man or a singer. But I’m trying to be honest with myself, Kim thinks.

No time for the film

Kim Wilde’s extensive work around Europe began on November 24th. She is about to circumvent almost all the countries from central Europe to the north. Each country has two consoles. Even before, Kim grinned hard and not seeing anything but hotel rooms and concert halls. The tour ends in Oulu on December 13, when Kim returns home near London, Christmas celebrations.
From Finland, Kim knows that it’s popular here. His first two albums came in gold with a gold disc plate, and this is sure to be the latest LP in November.
In January Kim spent a vacation and then started resuming. He has also often been caught in the film. “Now I feel like I do not have time to get rid of the size of your movie,” he says.
But, of course, it also depends a lot on the script, the cover and the obscenities. Some manuscripts Kim had read over the past few weeks and even left serious thinking about them. On the other hand, he was also scared to go to the United States, and even so far the most attractive offer has come. Possible side effects remain, Kim does not want to reveal, but it’s a real star.
Favorite Singers Kimillin has many of whom he is with Stevie Wonder, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley.

– With regard to music, England is a good country to live and work, says Kim Wilde. – There has been some time here and I even have a great deal in the universe. Everyone knows the young man’s ideals at least for decades, whether you’re talking about old-time rockers, Beatles or last year’s hottest lines.
Why? Kim Wilde does not answer the question as well as appealing to the general atmosphere. – It’s more fun than many other old-fashioned feelings about the country.
For her future and her career, Kim dreams of being lucky and kittens. – Numerous truly capable singers and musicians have been forced to take their turn for years, decades. I really owe you luck. In three years, I have had a good month.
But even if Kim says to himself, it is fortunate to wonder how the list is about making music about his life. – It’s a lazy thing and it’s easy to get scared. There’s more to life than that. In fact, I want to spend the prospect of a balanced and peaceful life. The other thing is how I can arrange the time correctly, but at least try.