Kim Wilde intimate

Finally it’s happening! After Kim Wilde had to cancel her German tour this summer on short notice, the will fly to our country for three concert shortly before Christmas! During an interview with Pop/Rocky editor Hanne Jordan in London she showed herself more open than ever! The attractive singer didn’t just spear about the coming ‘Germany-adventure’, Kim also told us her opinion about music colleague Boy George, Limahl and Elton John! Read for yourself what ‘surprises’ came from that!

Soon it is finally happening, that you will do European concerts. When and where will you show yourself to the German fans?
On December 4 I’m at the CCH in Hamburg, on December 5 in the Stadthalle in Offenbach and on December 6 in Düsseldorf in the Philipshalle.

Is your band the same as the one during your first tour?
Half of it. The drummer and keyboard player are new. Our current drummer comes from the Thompson Twins, his name is Boris Brainsby-Williams and he is very good. Because my brother couldn’t come unfortunately, we had to find someone to play keyboards. Choosing from two of them is hard, so maybe we’ll just take both. The two backing vocalists are falling away, so I will have to do everything myself.

Why couldn’t Ricky come along?
He feels better in his role as songwriter and producer. He thinks he hasn’t got what it takes to be a travelling musician. When he’s on stage he’s having fun, but the travelling takes its toll on him. Plus he’s busy building our own studio right now. He is more fascinated by the mixing desk than by giving interviews or standing in the spotlights. Ricky leads a very private life with only a few very well sought out friends.

Have you already bought new stage clothes?
Yes, but nothing too flashy. A beautiful pair of black trousers and t-shirts – simple and comfortable.

Do you have a say in the business side of things, about sound, lighting, program books and tour souvenirs?
But of course! I am interested in every little thing that is part of my work. Compared to my first tour I have learned a lot in the mean time. As a result I want to be involved in the whole project. At the moment we’re talking about new light effects.

You are admired by many young girls. Can you place yourself in their shoes or have you never admired anyone that way yourself when you were younger?
Oh, yes! I remember very well what it’s about. I was into Gary Glitter. And Elton John. Over the past year I got to know them both. I have to admit that whenever Elton comes my way I get weak in the knees. He’s very charming to me, I think he knows about my little secret. Two years ago I saw Gary Glitter on stage for the last time. His show fascinates me like it did before. The man has charisma. I will never forget how the whole audience gave him a big wide smile. All through the show. When it comes to myself, I’m very shy. I don’t have the opinion that I deserve to be adored. I have not done anything grand. All I am is a singer and someone who poses for photographs. I do know that it’s okay what I’m doing. But I think that the more famous I become, the more grateful I become. I always remind myself how lucky I am to be here.

Your new single ‘Dancing in the dark’ has a chance of becoming a disco hit. Was it the intention to record a dance title?
Yes, we wanted to experiment a little. No small one because Nile Rodgers has remixed it America especially for discotheques. I admired his work with Chic and David Bowie and I am enthusiastic about the result.

Do you like to dance yourself?
No, I don’t go to disco’s at all.

What are your plans this Christmas?
Before Christmas I end my European tour. I want to celebrate it quietly at home with my family. Right afterwards I go on a skiing holiday in Italy. Like last year we are going with 20 friends.

Are you recognised or are you not bothered by people?
As incognito as I’m walking around during skiing, with glasses and hoods, it’s hard to be recognised by anyone. It happens sometimes that I meet people who say that they had a different image of Kim Wilde in their heads…

Kim Wilde about Boy George

I remember that I saw him for the first time. It was in the television studio of ‘Top of the Pops’, when I noticed his face in the dancing audience. I wasn’t sure whether this person would be male or female. I had to look at him somehow again and again, while I was singing my song there.
A long time after that I saw his face on the cover of a music magazine – and there it was: Boy George, singer of the No. 1 hit from Culture Club, ‘Do you really want to hurt me’. Sometimes it goes as fast as that: yesterday an unknown face in the crowd and today a superstar!

Kim Wilde about Kajagoogoo

I think the split was the best thing that could happen with Kajagoogoo. Limahl has a lot to offer as solo singer, and the other 4 members of Kajagoogoo are better off doing their own thing. My opinion is that Limahl is much more talented than it seemed at first. I have met him in the studio and heard his new album. I like his voice incredibly much, I prefer it to Boy George’s.