Kim Wilde is full of doubt

Frail Kim Wilde has a dark tan for the first time in years. “The only souvenir of a great holiday in the Caribbean”, she sighs. Beautiful Kim feels tired. The energetic and lively singer, who got the whole of Europe at her feet during her tour, is now afraid for her musical future. She doesn’t want to think ahead more than one day at a time. “I am full of doubt”, she says.

“I wish I could get to work”

“They have said it to me a thousand times”, Kim says. “It all went too fast. My career went by like a speeding train. The hits followed each other up and I got one gold record after another. It seemed to go by itself. And now, barely a few months later, I am with my back against the wall so to speak. I barely dare to think of the future.”
The Kim lashes out: “I wish I could do something! I don’t like to do nothing at all. I have gotten so used to life on the road. But I will have to wait for my next single to get on the market. It seems like bad luck is following me around. Because of the longlasting illness of my record boss Mickey Most all projects have been put back for several months. On top of that my father and brother Ricky started doubting their artistic talents after the flop of ‘Child Come Away’ and they have become extra critical when writing new songs.”

Single again

That doesn’t end it for Kim. Rumours say that her relationship with Gary Barnacle, with whom she spent a romantic holiday on the Caribbean, is over. Kim doesn’t want to comment on that, but her eyes betray that it’s not just rumours. Friends of Kim were willing to offer some explanation.
“Kim and Gary have broken up after their joint holiday. Gary has had it busy in the past few months with studio work and on top of that he’s got a Southamerican tour with his group Leisure Process waiting. He doesn’t have much time for his girlfriend. Which is why Kim and Gary decided to call it quits. It was better for both of them, they said.”
But people from Kim’s vicinity know better. “She is still madly in love with that boy”, they say. “Kim was ill when they ended their affair.”
Gary did offer the following commentary: “Kim and I are still good friends. But our respective careers demand too much of our time to commit to a steady relationship. Maybe we can do this in a couple of years, but right now, music comes first in our lives.”
Hopefully Kim Wilde will score a new hit soon. That seems like the best remedy to get her out of this dark period in her life. “How I miss the success”, she says herself. “With a great new record I dare to look toward the future again. So I hope it will come soon.”