Kim Wilde is the ‘Baby Doll’ of english rock

Julian Clerc, who has always been able to take an attentive look at young singers with a slightly sulky character, asked Kim Wilde, ‘the new Baby Doll of English rock’, to be his guest in the ‘Cadence 3’ that Guy Lux dedicates to him tonight.
This lovely young girl of twenty-two (Lolita who would have been seized by the rhythm) makes a flash passage through the theater 102 of the House of Radio, after two months of tour through Europe (she sang At the Olympia last November) and before shutting herself inside a studio in London to record her new album.

Under the Cup of Dad

A good career, in fact, that of this sulky baby, a daddy’s daughter (his name was Marty Wilde and one of the pioneers of English rock in the 1960s) who has been transforming each of her songs into gold discs since ‘Kids in America’, ‘Cambodia’, ‘View from a bridge’ …) and her new title, ‘Child Come Away’, takes the same direction.

‘God can not lie’, they say. But to be sure, Marty Wilde does not leave his daughter on her own. It is he who takes care of the whole of KIm on tour, while Ricky Wilde, her elder brother, plays the guitar behind her on stage. The dad writes the lyrics and the brother composes the music of the songs of the one that the British press nicknamed ‘the Brigitte Bardot of the rock’.

‘Everyone finds what he wants in me,’ said the young lady, who had just left the family home and settled in an apartment in London. ‘It is my hair or my way of dressing that attracts them … But because I have blond hair and a childish face, I am easily taken for a doll. What I am not. If I had black hair, would it be said that I am a Machiavellian? ‘
If she does not have a regular boyfriend, Kim Wilde confesses, however, that she is not indifferent to the boys of her age. ‘I like the thrill of conquest. I’m a scorpion and they’re incredibly passionate people. ‘