Kim Wilde: It’s hard being considered a sex symbol when you’re still growing up

“Today, when I think that I was there just two years ago, it makes me smile. At the time, I didn’t doubt that I had lots of things to learn and a long way to get there… “

When I met Kim Wilde in London a few days ago there was a young woman who answered my questions and was explained on the turmoil she is going through. We were perhaps not realizing this in France, but she was cut a reputation in England for being an evil and pretentious girl who “has all the answers, even if she does not always understand the issues,” to use the expression of our British colleagues. “At the time , I was a typical teenager, not only because I was wearing the uniform T -shirt and jeans. Now when I think about everything I do not know, it makes me shudder! That said, I apologize: think I was aged only nineteen at the release of my first international hit, “Kids in America”. Suddenly, I became a sex symbol, a star when I had not even finished growing up yet. I was in childhood, a poor little unfinished thing, and I had to express myself on everything. To give me confidence, I spoke loudly but in fact, I was not at all sure of myself.”

It was still the time or Kim lived with her family, did not leave her parents and lived in a cocoon 24 hours upon 24. Like her father, Marty, an idol from the Fifties, and her brother Ricky, writing and producing songs, Kim, we see, was not truly possible the opportunity to achieve alone. Today, all that has changed…