Kim Wilde: love is blonde

She had it in her for a long time, of course. English Kim Wilde, born Smith, is known as a beautiful girl with a nice voice who is managed and coached well. But with ‘Love blonde’, Kim’s current hit, she shows her true face. The lyric is as always written by father Smith – years ago a pop singer himself under the name Marty Wilde (‘A teenager in love’), hence – and brother Ricky has written the music again, so everything in the family is still the same. What is important is the presentation, the unabashed sensual look, that is new. It used to be like the now 22 year old singer had only one goal in mind: proving that she isn’t the traditional dumb blonde girl. In which she succeeded, thanks to her intelligent and selfaware presentation during interviews and the like. Kim, the nice neighbour girl, couldn’t help it that the boys liked her pretty little face better, that her pouting lips were said to be the best since BB and that she had hit after hit with her records. She remained the slightly wild but always stylish and classy teenage girl in T-shirt and jeans. Now that no-one doubts her anymore daddy’s girl can finally show herself. An adult woman, with all it entails. The jeans have been swapped for modern dresses, in the songs the youthful romance have made way for the lusts and troubles of a woman of today. Just in time to bounce Debbie Harry, who is looking more and more like the mother of her own sleeve photographs, off her throne. Finally.