Kim Wilde: “My family is everything for me”

Last month we unveiled the secrets behind Kim Wilde’s hairdo. This time we want you to discover the life of Kim’s family.

Kim doesn’t go anywhere without her family by her side. When she went on tour in France, her mother wanted to be present to see the French producers who were directing Kim’s career in France. “I prefer to get to know them”, she said, “you never know who is there. To meet them reassures me.”

Dad, he is also always present wherever she goes. He is mostly there when there are soundchecks, and he advises the musicians and technicians. Occasionally, he jokes, just to relax ‘his darling little girl’.

Her brother is also part of the travels, not just because he composed a big part of the music that accompanies the lyrics written by dad (together they make Kim’s songs), but also because he’s the guitarist of the band that accompanies Kim on stage. The brother is a happy lad who doesn’t stop laughing and annoying his sister.

When asked Kim if it is sometimes complicated to work with her family, she answers: “No, not at all. Those who complicate my life are usually not part of my family.”

The resemblance between mother and daughter is striking, Kim Wilde is a beauty and in a class without any equals… Kim unquestionably follows in the footsteps of her mother. We feel that they are very associated, very close to one another. Even if they argue from time to time, the storms pass quickly and a few moments later they are arm in arm again.

It’s nice to meet a united family, despite a lifestyle outside the common … Despite this perfect agreement, Kim decided to take an apartment near London, where she hopes to have her personal life, her secret garden secret and all! No one will know what is going on except perhaps… Mom Wilde!