Kim Wilde: “My family is everything to me!”

Last month we revealed the secrets of Kim Wilde’s hairstyle. This time we will try to introduce you to Kim’s family life.
Kim never travels without her little family around her. When she came to tour in France, her mother insisted on being present, to get to know the French producers who were going to direct Kim’s career in France.
“I prefer to know them,” she said, “you never know who you hang out with. Meeting with them reassures me.”
Dad is always there for him no matter what. He is especially there, during rehearsals, he advises musicians, technicians. From time to time, he jokes, just to relax ‘his darling little girl’.
During Kim’s gala, he has his eyes everywhere and you can see in his eyes all the pride of a father.
His brother is also part of the trips, not only, he composes a large part of the music that accompanies the texts that the dad writes (to make songs for Kim), but in addition he is the guitarist of the troupe that accompanies Kim on scene. This brother is a cheerful boy who never stops laughing and teasing his sister.
When asked if Kim doesn’t sometimes make life difficult for her to work as a family, she replies:
“No, not at all, those who complicate my existence are generally not part of my family.”
The resemblance between mother and daughter is striking, Kim Wilde is of unequaled beauty and class… Kim undoubtedly follows in her mother’s footsteps. We feel them very accomplices, very close to each other. Even if they fight from time to time, thunderstorms pass quickly, and we can surprise them a few moments after arm in arm.

How pleasant it is to meet a united family, despite an unusual lifestyle… Despite this perfect understanding, Kim decided to take an apartment near London, where she intends to have her personal life, her garden secret in short! No one will know what’s going on except maybe … Maman Wilde!