Kim Wilde: Not just a sex symbol

We haven’t heard from Kim Wilde for more than a year. After the hustle and bustle surrounding the first two LPs “Kim Wilde” and “Select”, did she need a break? “No,” she tells us, “the break was not planned. It was because my last single went badly and I only performed in England. I also did it with my 21 year old brother Ricky and my father Marty who wrote the lyrics writes, already working towards the new LP, which will be released soon.”
The title of this record will be “Catch as catch can”. That doesn’t sound particularly exciting, it’s far too masculine. But despite all of this, Kim admits: “I also looked more closely at private things that were like this.” To your friend? “I don’t have a boyfriend right now. That would cost me too much nerve. And – it works without it.”

“You won’t hear any swing or rockabilly tones on the LP like on Love Blonde,” she says, “we recorded slow and fast pop songs. That was actually my strength.”
Kim has not yet thought of composing himself. “I’m not confident enough for that. I also love singing Ricky’s songs. And if you’re happy with that, you don’t have to worry.”
Kim also addresses the fact that women in pop business are simply portrayed as sex symbols. Does she feel comfortable in her skin? “Yes, yes,” she admits hesitantly, “it is the case in life that more attention is paid to good looks in women than in men. Why else are there almost exclusively women on the front pages of the magazines? That doesn’t bother me. As long as you look good, everyone looks at you. I also watch attractive boys. “
The new maxi single “Love Blonde” is also about this topic. Kim plays the classy, ​​blonde class woman that all guys love. Is it just a game for them? “Yes, definitely. It’s funny, I enjoy mimicking the blonde beauty. But you shouldn’t take it too seriously. I’m not the” Love Blonde “.”
This image will be hard to get rid of. Just think of Debby Harry. Everyone thinks of the name “Blondie” about them and not about the group. “For the next single, I’m definitely not going to dress in leather again and I won’t try to tease,” assures the 23-year-old, then you might see what I really am. Everyone likes to dress up once. I really don’t like it when boys look into my low-cut T-shirt, honestly! “
Kim continues: “I used to be the constantly smiling, cute girl. After the first success, everyone expected that from me. But I can’t do it on command. I love to laugh with my friends and to amuse myself. It can I only do it when I feel like it. It’s definitely not that I am just so serious about preserving my attitude and my public image.”

She will definitely laugh on her planned concert tour in November through our big cities, she promised. “It’s also easy for me on the stage because I have fun there,” she says.