Kim Wilde refutes rumours: no wedding planned

It’s been busy around Kim Wilde recently. First it seemed that she had concrete wedding plans, then there was talk of a movie debut and finally she appeared with a spectacular new image. No Kim’s new album is coming, it’s high time to talk about all these rumours. Between two tiring photo sessions she took a short break to talk with us.

Not a schoolgirl anymore

Kim is very enthusiastic about her new record. ‘Catch me Catch Can’ is the title, she reveals. ‘And please don’t ask me what it means. It’s a sentence I heard in a Lou Reed song, who has always been one of my favourite singers’.
According to Kim there are a few love songs on the album, but they’re not all innocent. ‘My father and brother who write all the songs get stranger every day’, she says. ‘Besides I hope to lose the schoolgirl image I’ve had until before ‘Love blonde”.
‘About my acting debut I can be brief’, Kim says. ‘I really don’t know about a role in that race movie with Barry Sheene, the motor racing champion. The rumours about my marriage to Gary Barnacle are unfounded as well. I’m not thinking about marriage yet.’
Kim has to aknowledge that she has had a few proposals for film roles. ‘Uninteresting movies about a rock fan who falls in love with her idol’, she laughs.

Marilyn Monroe fan

Kim Wilde is also much too busy to get involved with film. ‘Making a movie takes too much time’, she says. ‘If I would decide to give up six months of my life for one and a half hour of entertainment, it has to be worthwhile. A class script and a big name as director would be a first.’
‘I could write the script myself’, she thinks aloud, ‘but that would take up even more time. It’s hard to make up your own answers as well’.
Kim loves film, though. ‘I love crying during a romantic movie’, she smiles. ‘Also I’ve always been a big admirer of Marilyn Monroe. A lot of young people try to tell me that they idolize Marilyn Monroe and that I even look like her. I can’t believe it but it does make me feel good.’