Kim Wilde, the object of desire

Mini-dress of black leather, sensual pout, poses a lascivious nothing of woman-child perverse, the character in trouble more than one but is not ambiguous. This 23-year-old Englishman tries to be at the rock that some famous blondes have been in the cinema. The scale of its success shows that it is on the way to succeed. His two albums and forty-five towers (‘Kids in America’ and ‘Cambodia’ in particular) are sold, by the shovel.
It must be said that in addition to his devastating look, Kim Wilde can count on the talents of composing… of his own father who finds with her a success that he never got in his career as a singer. He writes at least one hit every year that perfectly complements the visual impact of his daughter. The last one is called ‘Love Blonde’. If it is supposed to evoke ‘the delicious blondes of Hollywood’, the clip of the song is it unequivocal: it is Kim Wilde that is in a new version of the traditional role (but not really obscure) of the object of desire.