Kim Wilde: “The right guy knows how to get me!”

When will we finally see you live in Germany?
In spring or in summer I will definitely come. The dates are not set yet.

Will you also bring a new album with you?
Yes, the release is planned for May or June.

What drives you right now?
I’m in the middle of studio recordings for a new single and the album. I hope to be ready with this by the end of February.

Are you living in your new home?
Oh, no! It will take up to four months until I can move. first I have to renovate the bathroom, the heating has to be built in, and new carpets have to be laid.

What kind of apartment is it, and how will you decorate it?
It’s a three room apartment in a big block. I am ready through home decoration magazines, to find ideas. I like some, but I haven’t decided yet.

How and where did you spend Christmas?
I prefer to be with the family at home during the feast. Before Christmas I went on holiday in the Caribbean, and after Christmas I went with my brother Ricky and eighteen friends from school and college to Italy to go skiing. Last year we were also with 20 and because it was so much fun, we repeated it.

How do you react to the rumours of your affair with saxophone player Gary Barnacle?
What affair? Sure, we are good friends, like all in our band.

Many girls are envious of your looks. Did you have the same reaction from girls when you were in school?
As schoolgirl I didn’t think I was attractive at all. Contrary, I had real traumas because of how tall I was. I always walked with a bend so that I wouldn’t stick out so much. The boys especially weren’t tall. They only grew taller when I stopped at thirteen. They weren’t interested in me at all. Since then I stayed as tall as I was. Today I would like to have a few more centimeters. Also I have always suffered because of my big feet. For a child a size 7 is really a punishment.

How do you think about such exterior matters now?
I always say that if I’d known then what I know now, I would have been much happier. I mean, it’s not so important how you look, but more how you are inside.

Is it true that men are afraid of you?
Afraid? Often I hear that they don’t dare come towards me, but I’m sure that the right guy knows how to get me and finds out quickly that I am a normal girl like anyone else!