Kim Wilde: ‘When I start with something I go on’

Kim Wilde looks very cool and distant on most photographs and music videos. A star with pretentions you would think, but nothing could be further from the truth. The blonde singer who has a big hit with ‘Love blonde’ is a spontaneous woman with lots of humour. Read on.

You have worked with your father and your brother ever since the beginning of your career. Did that always work out?
It went fantastically. We work in a very openhearted way. Some people wonder if that doesn’t cause friction, to work with your family like that. But it’s much easier to talk with them when something isn’t quite to my liking. You don’t have to weigh your words. Criticism is simply accepted. We discuss things and we have a great understanding. At the beginning of my career they gave me a lot of confidence, and supported me when I needed it. That support is invaluable, when you start something important. Now I have to get the same sort of support from other people. The recognition from my family is there, but I am still earning the recognition from others.

Do you mean your audience?
Yes. Especially being in contact with them is important to me. I try to be aware of each and every person coming out there when I am doing live concerts. I don’t want to see the audience as some kind of dark mass before the stage. It’s very difficult but I feel you should approach people in a certain way so that you establish some sort of contact. Otherwise it’s better to stay off the stage. I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it. I admire artists who do have this art, being able to handle a room filled with a thousand people like they’re there for tea.

You are doing well, though, because you’re very successful. You’re also young and beautiful. Don’t you feel spoiled?
(Thinks) People spoil me, but I am not spoiled. It’s a big difference! Someone who is spoiled expects to be spoiled… (Thinks again) When you are offered a bottle of champagne and you are spoilt through and through, you think it’s normal. But whenever I get champagne I always say a heartfelt thankyou, and I mean it! I happen to love it, because it has few calories and it does contain alcohol (laughs), a lovely combination you don’t find in anything else. Honestly, I enjoy every minute of being spoiled!

Do you have more good qualities like that?
I am quite mischievous. I love doing mischievous things, like children do (laughs). It’s wonderful! You can have a sense of humour about just about anything and you have to, I think. Is there anything better than hanging out with friends, bantering and making jokes?

Do you make friends easily?
I am, especially some time ago. Lately I haven’t made any good friends. But the ones I have, I love. I have a close bond with them, something I find very important. The intimacy, the trust, has to be there, but especially when you have problems… You have to be open and honest with one another.

These are things you demand from your friends?
No, I don’t demand things from my friends, nor from anyone by the way. Friendship isn’t a game which you play by rules, it’s something spontaneous. I like people as they are, with their good and bad sides. That’s what makes them fascinating. I wouldn’t want to meet someone who is perfect, because it has to be a frustrating and bad experience. I love honest, spontaneous people. They are often very funny in their honesty. That’s why I love my friends. They are always normal to me. For them I am Kim, the friend, not Kim from television or radio. When I tell them a joke and they don’t think it’s funny, they won’t laugh about it. They will set me straight when I do something wrong. That’s why I love them and they always read this in magazine (laughs), because I talk about them a lot in interviews. But when we’re together we don’t talk about that, we talk gossip like friends always do. Like, you’re dating him, aren’t you? Yes, and do you know about him? Where??

Aren’t you getting behind on the gossip now you’re so busy?
It does happen. Sometimes I don’t see them for a long time, and I have no time to phone them, but whenever I’m home, I enjoy it all the better. The contact is there as if it was yesterday we met last. They’re not sitting around waiting for my call, because they are quite busy in their own right.

Do you never doubt yourself?
Usually I’m very determined. When I start with something, I finish it until the bitter end. But it also happens sometimes that I wonder ‘Is it any good, the things I’m doing?’ Usually it’s when I’m under pressure or very busy. But then I have a drink or go to the fitness centre. I get better physically and mentally at the same time. But I’m still very satisfied with my life right now!