Kim Wilde’s difficult choice

Sometimes there’s a moment when an artist has to reflect. Kim Wilde has also had such a moment: after her worldwide successes of the past years it seemed like the blonde singer couldn’t make any mistakes. But the single ‘Child Come Away’ proved otherwise: in the Netherlands it only managed to stay in the Tipparade for 6 weeks. It became obvious that the promise of the eighties had a difficult choice ahead: what now, Kim?
The European tour went well, and a new album was also imminent, but the choice only became more difficult: what should the new single be like to avoid failure? Because two flopped singles in a row could spell disaster.
Kim: ‘A year ago I bought a flat in London. I could really put my energy in that. I have designed the rooms myself and hired an interior decorator to do the hard work for me. That really took my attention off work and when my father Marty, my brother Rick and myself went into the studio again, we were totally fresh and starting over as it were.’
‘The album isn’t ready yet – we still have to record three or four songs – but we have confidently released ‘Love Blonde’ in advance. It’s different, new and we have all the confidence it will do well.’
The choice has cost many beads of sweat and we shall see. When the new album comes out in October, Kim Wilde shouldn’t be forgotten!