Kim’s hot feelings during dancing

“We kissed and touched during our dancing. Our bodies touched close – lost in the heat of desire…”
These words sings Kim Wilde in her new single “Dancing in the dark”. Sexy Kim invites to dance. And no-one says no, especially when the lights go out…
But that’s not enough: recently Kim performs dressed in a leather mini skirt with exciting high heeled black stockings, stiletto shoes and a deeply cut blouse.
The stockings she’s bought in a specialty store in New Bond Street. She prefers impudent samples, like seams with Simill stones as well as effective net stockings.
With this look she also let herself be photographed on a satin couch for our Bravo photographer.
Since Kim started her affair with Gary Barnacle and moved out of her parents’ house to St. John’s Wood, she has started a sudden metamorphosis: she looks softer, more feminine, more adult. No wonder – over the past year she has devoted herself fully to her romance with Gary, who was in her band during last year’s tour.
She did so little for her career, wasn’t present for official presentations and did a lot for herself: bodybuilding, a psychiatrist and beauty farms were on her schedule.
Only since Gary roped from her forthcoming tour, the fronts clarified themselves: Kim is living more consciously for her career again. She wants to get back into the limelight, to stand on stage before the fans and most of all make sure that she has a future. One doesn’t notice a disappointment, nor a depression: Kim is her old self again – full of energy, she’s full of plans for her new show.
She also looks more beautiful than ever. She admits that it is premature to have a relationship.
On November 18 she turns 23, and although the love for Gary was big, she first have to get to grips with her preconceived ideas of love and marriage. Until now there was only one kind of relationship for Kim, the one that took her to the altar.
By now that image has changed a little: perhaps she will first live together with a man before she binds herself forever…