Me sexy??? You must be crazy!

[Translated for Wilde Life by Anders Storm]

The hottest girl voice at the moment belongs to Kim Wilde ­ and she is ready with a roar of a new album this month. She tells Vi Unge about her new apartment, new style, a new friend and about feeling bad in the role of a sex symbol.

Maybe you will get the chance to meet Kim Wilde in Denmark this November. It was clear that she was supposed to play in Scandinavia, Germany and Holland when Vi Unge spoke to her, after the fine one come back with ‘Love blonde’, which brought her back on the top of the charts again.
Kim: “The plan is that the tour will kick off 2-3 weeks after the release of my new album.”

What is the new album called and when will it be released?
The title is ‘Catch as catch can’ and I think it will be ready for release end of October. Right now we are finishing the final details.

‘Catch as catch can’, that’s what you call English wrestling? [Dictionary = catch-as-catch-can free wrestling]
I didn’t know that. That’s not the reason why we chose this title. I can tell you a little about the album. My favourite is ‘Stay awhile’, it’s a ballad, very beautiful. Another great song is ‘Sparks’, a real rock song. ‘Love blonde’ will be on it too of course.

What have you been up to between your last hit a long time ago and ‘Love blonde’?
It may seem as if I didn’t do anything, but actually my father Marty, my brother Ricky and I have been working really hard to make and record new songs. ‘Child come away’ was a flop almost everywhere, and we felt an urgent need to make sure that the next record would become a hit. We did throw a lot of material away before we found the right one. It turned out that ‘Love blonde’ was to become really popular.

Skirts and leather ­ No thanks

On the cover of ‘Love blonde’ you look more sexy than ever, no jeans. You wear a leather dress and look provocative dirty, is that your new look?
Thank God no! ‘Love blonde’ is an ironic comment to the fact that I often is being called sex bomb or sex symbol, and I do certainly NOT feel like that. I’m still very uncertain and unsure and my experiences with the boys isn’t any bigger than other people my age. That’s why I have never felt sexy and I can’t believe it is me they are talking about when they call me that. That is what we are being a bit ironic about with ‘Love blonde’, I will still look and behave as I have always done in the future.
I’m not that into glamour, that is something I connect with great American actresses. I still prefer jeans and I haven’t got any expensive clothes. Me as a sex bomb or sex symbol, not at all.

You have mentioned something about leaving home, have you left your room in your parents house?
I know. For the last 12 months I have had this apartment in London, but I haven’t had the time to make it ready and move in. I have started on the project. I have used a few times when I have been in London and it got to late to go home, then I have spend the night. It does have a bed but not much else. I have bought a piano, I want to learn to play properly. I also invested in 6 wineglasses the other day. I’m started to get everything ready.

Are you moving in alone or is your boyfriend moving in with you?
I’d rather not discuss this. It belongs to my private life.

What else do you do with your time?
The album has taken a lot of time, there hasn’t been time for much else. I like to go to the movies, the last one I saw was ‘Monthy Python’s – The meaning of life’. It was good but I have seen better, also by Monthy Python. It was a bit like to many ideas all at once. They couldn’t finish one idea before they had the next going. It did seem as one of their TV-shows more than a movie. I want to see ‘War games’ too, it sounds exciting. Sadly I almost never get the chance to read a book, it is very rarely I have an evening or two with nothing else to do. That’s why I often end up with a cup of tea and a movie on TV or the video. In real life I live a very dull life and maybe that’s why I find it very strange when I am talked about as the new teen star or sexsymbol.