Mini interview: Wilde and wacky!

Whatever you do, don’t dare call Kim Wilde on a Sunday night. That’s when the lady – back in action after a spell spent travelling in Europe and the Far East – settles down to watch her all-time favourite TV programme, Sgt. Bilko. ‘And’, she warns, ‘I hate to be disturbed. I don’t watch much telly, but wht I do watch I like to enjoy without interruptions!’

Mind you, home life is pretty quiet these days. Kim’s settled int oher own place after spending all of her formative years surrounded by the sometimes boisterous Wilde clan, so the instances of interruption are few and far between. ‘I’m enjoying being on my own’, Kim says, ‘but I must admit I do sometimes get a bit lonely. When you come from a close family like I do, you never really become aware of living with other people. It just seems like the natural thing to do – and when you stop doing it life can feel a bit funny for a time.’

To try and keep herself cheered up, Kim’s been getting heavily into entertaining at home. ‘Oh yes’, she says. ‘I love playing the hostess. Having people over to dinner is what I enjoy most.’

Coming from a musical background, it’s natural that Kim should play records as a complement to the meals she prepares. ‘Yes’, she says, ‘It’s nice to have music playing when you’re eating – so long as it’s the right kind of music. Nothing too heavy or intrerruptive, you understand – maybe something romantic by Elton John.’ Elton has een a longtime hero of Kim’s, and she was delighted to discover that he was every bit as nice in real life as she’s hoped. ‘He’s a wonderful man with a great sense of humour’, says Kim.

Which, of course, is what x-thousand men in this country alone think of la Wilde. She seems to have kept a low profile, romance-wise though. ‘Yes I have’, says Kim with a smile. ‘and I’m not going to be drawn on that subject now. I went through all sorts of trouble when I first started in this business with people manufacturing romances for me.’

But there’s really no need to start rumours about Kim in order to make her seem interesting. Truth is more interesting than fiction!