My crazy night with Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde is here! For three days the blond superstar from England rocks with us. BILD reporter Kersten Boeer has accompanied the wild Kim to a crazy rock night to Utrecht before their Germany start (yesterday in Hamburg).

21.18 clock, Kim jumps to the stage: A blond furie in black T-shirt, hacked tights pantyhose, around the waist a cartridge belt.

She makes tea for the guys

The band starts, 16,000 Watt thunder through the hall. “Take me tonight” Kim whirps into the microphone. Over 2000 fans rage, scream. Europe’s Rocklady No. 1 is set! This 23 year old child-woman with the twitching hips inspires 15-year-olds as well as men with 45. But on the bus she confessed to me: “I’m shy, I often get no sound out of men I find attractive.”

What kind of men are they?
Not the good-looking young men, but serious ones with personality.

Private is just different. There she makes tea “for the boys from the band”, giggles girlishly: “I usually wear black because it makes slim.” The 1.73 meter Kim weighs 55 kilos.

Why do you barely wear dresses?
Because my legs are not the best.

She has sold over 10 million records (‘Love blonde’, ‘Kids in America’).

Is there a real friend, a lover?
Quick answer: “It’s not of interest to anyone”. She does not have one at the moment…

Kim is relentlessly reluctant to go shopping in London. “Especially t-shirts and crazy tights.”

And then this transformation on stage. What is going on in her?
The light, the fans, they whip me on, until something explodes inside me.

Bodyguard Paul Moretta (32) holds the door open to Kim. He does not move from your side, pushes admirers back. Paul knows: “heated fans are unpredictable.”

So Kim and the crew sleep in their bus, a rolling hotel: 15 berths behind, each with its own stereo for tapes. In the middle of a kitchen with refrigerator, even washing machine. Comfortable chairs in the front part. “I love to travel on the bus, flying around is too stressful for me,” says the rock star.

On stage! The Fans want to storm the stage (small photo), as Kim Wilde starts.