“No gasps of admiration about my clothes!”

Some people manage to look good in whatever they wear – it makes you sick, doesn’t it? Kim Wilde is one of them – and the worst thing is: she’s really nice with it!

When you think about Kim Wilde’s clothes, the sort of things you see her wearing on ‘Top of the Pops’ and in photographs – you realise she’s not likely to be seen in sequinned, glittery type outfits – they’re simply not her style.

Kim says she’s not that interested in beauty and fashion but she’s certainly got her own individual style right down to a “T”! And since T-shirts and jeans are very much Wilde-style, you’re more likely to find her dressed in clothes like these, whether she’s lounging around at home or appearing on stage.

When we fixed up this photographic session, Kim said what she didn’t want to do was wear high fashion outfits, so we agreed that she’d wear her own clothes. When we met her she looked great – dressed all in black – but before our Fashion Ed, Elsa, could start asking her where she got her outfit – she asked Elsa where she got her skirt from!

Kim Wilde is one of those people who look good in whatever they’re wearing – but admits that clothes aren’t exactly the most important thing in her life! “No gasps of admiration about my clothes!” she laughed.  “I asked my dad if he had anything I could borrow for this photo session –  I don’t really seem to have much at the moment”, she apologised.

She looked fantastic in the black outfit she was wearing, so where did all that come from? “I got the black leather mini last year, the boots are the first boots I wore when I went on “Top of the Pops” and the black cardigan came from one of my mum’s friends!” Kim told us. Even so, she’s put the outfit together really well – teaming the boots with ribbed tights and belting the black mohair jumper at the waist.

Did she like black, we asked? “Why? Don’t you think I should wear it?” was the reply. We assured her she really suited it and all agreed that one of the great things about finding a colour you look really good in is that you can buy a lot of things in the same colour so you never have any problems matching things up. “Yes, I suppose it is handy if you’re a lazy dressed like I am!” agreed Kim.

We knew she liked faded jeans, Doc Marten boots, scruffy leather jackets – feeling comfortable and relaxed in what she wears is very important to her. A lot of her clothes come from places like jumble sales and Oxfam shops – although she doesn’t go to jumble sales as much as she’d like, in case she’s recognised – or “borrowed” from her mum, dad or brother. Although she’s not all that interested in fashion, she’s got a very definite idea of what she likes – or doesn’t like!

“This is my ‘American College Girl’ look,” she told us. “The blue top came from a jumble sale – it’s an old Marks & Spencer’s one. I really like some of the old tops they used to do. These trousers are my painters’ trousers – from when I was decorating my room! The shoes were a present – I can’t remember where the stripy socks came from!”

We thought the outfit looked great – put together in Kim’s unique style. It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on clothes – even if you can afford it – to look as good as this! All you need is to know your own style – and looking at the shots here, Kim Wilde certainly does!