Only on stage she becomes wild…

On the background a silhouette of a big city skyline like New York, a typical street atmosphere. In addition appropriate signs and lanterns, a lot of light and rock ‘n’ roll: this is how Kim went on tour. With a microphone and a black headband around her short blonde manes, she jumped on stage with ‘Chequered love’. The whole evening she stayed skintight with the audience in the room: she pointed at them with the microphone, talked to them, shook hands, let people touch her and danced on the stage. Kim showed herself more dynamic than ever. Her months of diet and aerobic courses have paid off during this tour.
Old and new hits from the latest album like “Dancing in the dark”, “Kids in America”, “Love blonde”, “House of Salome” and “Stay a while” were in the programme. She couldn’t even do wrong with an Elvis song. She closed her show with “Big hunk of love”.
Father Marty Wilde played the master of ceremonies like always: he watched Kim’s soundcheck like a stern teacher. Together with mother Joyce and brother Ricky he held her hand during the first four concerts in Brussels, Lyon, Paris and Basel. Only then they sailed off to England and let Kim oversee the six man strong band.
The new saxophonist Richard Blanshard, who filled in shortly before the tour for Kim’s boyfriend Gary Barnacle, is a very glamorous type. In a glittering black outfit and a good figure he had the eyes of the female fans on him. Two keyboard players (Kevin McAlea and Jeff Hammer), guitarist Steve Byrd, bassist Mark Heyward-Chaplin and drummer Boris Brainsby-Williams, supported Kim. Together they shared a comfortable Starrider bus. Kim toured through Europe with this. The bus has fifteen beds, a shower, a built-in kitchen and the possibility to show video and film shows.
Also part of the company was a cook, making meals for Kim and co.
The East London Polytechnic designed Kim’s stage costume, with under it leather miniskirts and pants with jackets.
It was mostly black for her again. Her favourite shirt with Elvis on her breast was on top of the pile of clothes in her trunk…