Optically changed

The finish was in stark contrast to the course of the concert: immediately after the encore – the super hit “Kids in America” – on the instructions of the Director of the CCH the lights went on. Thus, the 80-minute happening with Kim Wilde was very abruptly ended.
Previously, “the blond poison” from the British Isles, however, pulled out all Hitregisters quite to the taste of some 2,500 Hamburgers. And you do not necessarily have to like blondes to find favor in the music of Kim Wilde: “Chequered love”, “Water on Glass”, “View from a Bridge”, “Dream Sequence” and “Dancing in the dark” was called the musical fully charged bomb that was put among the people by the wild Kim, supported by her six-piece backing band.
And this powerful sounding package showed its effect quickly: after a few minutes the spectators gave up their right to a seat to get closer to the stage.
And so many were blocked from the view on an optically changed Kim Wilde, who didn’t creep like a murderous vamp across the floor. In sleeveless T -shirt, faded jeans and long-outdated aerobics legwarmers the blond raged back and forth between the speaker towers. Driven by a lot of energy , the young lady seemed to have enormous pleasure in her music. However, it came only in moderate live quality, and could not hold a candle to the sounds of her records.