Pop Rocky Starkarte: Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde grew up in a household full of music. Her father Marty Wilde, a rock ‘n’ rolller of the old times, and her mother Joyce Baker, dancer of the famous ‘Vernons Girls’ weren’t impressed by the musical abilities, although – or maybe because of the fact that – her brother started to try a career in music ever since he was 12. Before Kim started musically, she finished highschool and started studying the college of art and design. She also visited theatre school. After the study it was obvious to Kim that she wanted to devote herself to music in the future.
One day her younger brother Ricky took his beautiful sister to the recording studio, where he wanted to record a new LP. Ricky let Kim sing some backing vocals. Mickie Most, a producer who had previously made Suzie Quatro famous) heard Kim’s voice and wanted to hear more! In only 20 minutes Ricky wrote his sister a melody, and father Marty Wilde wrote the lyric to “Kids in America”. This superhit made Kim instantly famous and it shot straight to the top of the charts all over the world! The series of hits didn’t stop after that and all the television stations and newspapers were interested in the young rock lady!
Despite her enormous success Kim lived like many other “normal” girl in Egland. Only recently she moved out of her parents’s house to her own home!
Kim’s second passion next to music is clothing, preferably extravagant and not too modern! She prefers to tailor her wardrobe herself, wearing men’s clothes.
With her newest single “Love blonde” Kim is continuing her successful course already for two years!


Name: Kim Wilde (Artist name of her father Marty Wilde)
Given name: Kim Smith
Date of birth: November 18, 1960
Place of birth: Chiswick, London
Colour of hair: Blonde (bleached, normally darker)
Colour of eyes: Blue
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Status: Unmarried (In love with saxophone-player Gary Barnacle)
Parents: Reginald Smith (Marty Wilde) and Joyce Baker
Siblings: Ricky (21), Roxanne (4) and Marty (2)
Hobby’s: Photography, buying records
Car: A White BMW
Fanclub address: Kim Wilde – Official World Fan Club
PO Box 202
Welwyn Garden City
AL8 OLT Hertfordshire


Kim Wilde (81)
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Select (82)
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Kids in America (EMI/RAK 1C00864249)
Chequered Love (EMI/RAK 1C00864410)
Cambodia (EMI/RAK 00864632)
Child Come Away (EMI/RAK 00864958)
View From A Bridge (EMI/RAK 00864757)
Love Blonde (EMI/RAK 0081651857)