Review – Catch as catch can

Anyone who still has Kim’s first two albums in his ear will be somewhat amazed. Miss “Love Blonde” has grown vocally and technically, and her songs live on more tricky, surprising arrangements and soundgags than the naive charm that Kim developed at the beginning of her singing career.
In other words, the lady has grown up musically. Nevertheless, do not worry, brother Ricky and father Marty pressed as songwriters and producers of the disc the real Wilde-stamp on. You can notice that, for example on the basis of the rather hard hammer “Shoot to disable”.
Despite popping tom-tom furs and booming guitar chords, Kim’s sexy voice and Ricky’s organ accompaniment give the track a more homely, rather than tumbling, feel. Even more soulful brings the singer on “Dream Sequence”, a really dreamy piece with almost psychedelic instrumental passages, my favorite on the LP. Of course, the chart-racer “Love Blonde” is not missing, and a potential successor is also there – the fast “Sparks”.