Review - Catch as catch can

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Best (France)

Papa Marty and brother Ricky deserve the punishment. How can they weaken their little Kim, that we see our sumptuous? How dare they flare her such soft cretineries (behind a Chinnichap title for a new Suzi Quatro!)? 'Kids in America', 'Cambodia', that was dream, and solid, in this beautiful sulky mouth, and around this superb leaded face. Oh no, Kim was not one of those shapeless figures who make models and cheaters, we could see that the bad guys would flip around with flicks, shoulders to die for, skin to cry ... Good, but this record is stupid, gnagnan, whore and, worse than all, empty. Stuck with senile synths, inept melodies, nil production (same as that THICK PLANE, if you imagine!). Almost an excision, which would be a heinous crime, if the rescue were not possible: the catchy Love Blonde stands despite the heaviness, and 'Dancing In The Dark' (Nile Rodgers in the land of Nicky Chinn) would gain just one little adventure. Go on Kim Chérie, throw the family out of your room, slap us real biting bitches, and everything will start all over again like before ...