Review – Catch as catch can

For nine months Kim Wilde withdrew herself from the outside world, in order to get some peace and distance from the showbusiness. With her team, consisting of father Marty Wilde and brother Ricky, the danger did not exist that it publishes any new album simply from routine. Thus family Wilde made itself to the factory to create the Songs with which everything is correct. The single “Love blond” eye-coupled first aroused first times the impression of a new orientation of the 22 year old youth idol. But the easily swinging Popsong emerged in the comparison with the remaining repertoire of the LP “Catch as catch can” as exception. Kim Wilde remained Kim Wilde. The attractive Blonde sings rapid Popmelodies with refreshing rhythms like in former times. The Synthesizer steams on full speed, which drives the pulsating rhythm, and those rough, interspersed guitar riffs refreshes like Vitamin tablets. The Wilde Trio carried out the perfect pop work yet again.

Interpretation: good to very good
Sound quality: good
Manufacturing: good
Repertoire worth: good
Recording: 1983