Review – Catch as catch can

Whoever still has Kim Wilde’s first two albums ringing in their ears, will be surprised a bit. Miss “Love blonde” has developed stylistically and vocally, and her songs contain more tricks and arrangements and sound gags then the naive charm that Kim had during the beginning of her career.
In other words: the lady has become musically adult. Despite this no worries: brother Ricky and father Marty pressed their quality stamp on the disc again. You can hear this on the impressive track “Shoot to disable”.
Despite hard drums and thundering guitar chords, Kim’s sexy voice and Ricky’s synth parts evoke a rather
down-rolling atmosphere. Still more sensitively the singer brings “Dream Sequence”, a dreamy piece with almost psychedelic instrumental passages, my favourite on the LP. The chart hit “Love Blonde” isn’t missing of course, a potential next single is also there – the fast “Sparks”.