Review – Catch as catch can

The blonde super-venom is back! And stronger than ever. The new Kim Wilde album shines only as sheer small pop-beads. Each song – a gem. Even the introduction song, ‘House of Salome’ with driving electric drums and floating synthesizer lines shows how it’s done. Big time contemporary pop music! ‘Back Street Joe’ with engaging drum rhythm and a strong melody, the sentimental beautiful number ‘Stay Awhile’, the easy ‘jazzy’ ‘Love blonde’ and ‘Dream Sequence’, a spherical sound effects orgy form with almost magical aura, finish side one.
David Bowie-producer Nile Rodgers was sitting behind the mixing desk for the opening song on side two. ‘Dancing in the dark’ then sounds fine just as you would expect from the black radio’s wonder boy. ‘Shoot to disable’ with choral and pompous electric carpet. ‘Can you hear it’, ‘Sparks’ and ‘Sing it out for love’ make the album complete, which shows Kim Wilde as one of the most important rock ladies of our time.