Review – Catch as catch can

From the shaggy punk girl a fashionable blond bomber has become. So it seemed, at least, when you heard Kim Wilde’s new hit, the swinging “Love Blonde”, and saw the accompanying video. With seductive eyelashes and slit dress she went there, lady-like to the point. However, on her new LP, she is at least musically almost the old one. Simple pop with excursions into ballads and ” Love Blonde” was probably just a trip to distant musical climates – a successful one, however. But unlike their previous, energetic hits like “Kids in America” or “Chequered Love” the ten tracks on “Catch as catch can” are more or less average, though well-produced pop songs without much bite. The whole record revolves only around Kim Wilde’s voice with the strange nasal, sexy flair. Except for ” Love Blonde” and ” Back Street Joe” , two really nice titles, nothing earth shattering is found on the LP. Perhaps we should convince Kim Wilde’s brother Ricky, to have other composers than himself approach her.