Spot: Kim Wilde

How did you become a singer?
I was born in an environment of musicians. My father was a composer and interpreter, my brother is a composer; it happened naturally.

Would you like to write your own songs?
Not yet, but one day I’d like to try.

How do you choose your songs?
There is collaboration between my father, my brother and me, and in general the songs are made especially for me, but I do not feel obligated to sing a song that does not please me; for now I have never refused anything.

What would you have done if you had not been a singer?
I would probably work in an art gallery or I would have done the film, all the ways an artistic profession.

Does cinema tempt you?
Oh yes, I’d love to make films; but I’m in no hurry, I would find the ideal scenario for me.

How do you spend your money?
I have my own car and an apartment, I’m driving one and I make some small follies in the other, otherwise nothing extravagant.

Do you like food?
Yes, a lot. I love Japanese cuisine, pastries, especially the chocolate mousse, but as I watch my weight, I have to be very careful.

How do you feel in your star skin?
My father was a star and he responded very well to this phenomenon. Vis-a-vis me there was a very healthy attitude and grace that I have never had the personality cult, I have never loved a hero. I feel so good about myself Kim Wilde, simply.

Do you like to perform live?
Yes, because I like to push myself, despite my huge stage fright.

What are your plans?
A new album and a tour around the world and perhaps to make a movie.