The blonde bombshell

She has the blondness of ‘stars’. She has a pout to beat Bardot. She has just celebrated her 23 years and her third album: Kim Wilde arrives in France for two concerts, on November 26 in Lyon and the next day at Baltard Pavilion, in Nogent-sur-Marne, in the suburbs of Paris (6 pm) .

Kim Wilde was born in an environment that naturally destined her to become a singer. Her father, Marty Wilde, had a brief success as a rock singer on the edge of the 1960s, when Vince Taylor and Cliff Richard were fighting for supremacy over English rock. From the age of eight, she studied classical piano. After a brief stint in the fine arts, she decided to start a musical career, under the leadership of her father, who became manager, and her brother Ricky, 22, promoted to the rank of music director. Kim Wilde is a true family business. Everyone strives to ensure the best possible environment. Some media did not hesitate to call her “Brigitte Bardot du rock”.

The music of Kim Wilde is not innovative but it has the advantage of matching the taste of the day: reassuring and healthy. As seasoned professionals, Marty and Ricky Wilde do not hesitate to listen to what is being done around them, to inspire abundantly the themes that they then give to interpret to Kim.