The star they forgot to ask

I phoned Kim Wilde to congratulate her on the ‘Love blonde’ hit and her new film.

‘Eh, what?’, she answered. I explained she had been chosen to star in the new £1m Barry Sheene movie. ‘Really? Gosh, that’s news to me. The director may have chosen me, but he hasn’t asked me yet. I might consider it, but really I’d rather wait a couple of years before acting. I want to concentrate on my music.’

I wondered if the novelty of music had worn off for her. ‘No’, she said emphatically. ‘When I did Top of the Pops last week, I was more nervous than ever before.’

And what of the Wilde love life? Kim laughed. ‘The press reported I was getting engaged – totally untrue of course! When my grandparents saw it they got all excited, but my various boyfriends panicked, thinking they had been collared. So I think I’ll leave all that alone for a while yet.’