The sun is daddy

If the name Kim Wilde seems familiar, you are not mistaken. Her father, Marty, in the late fifties achieved a short, but shutting down a series of hit singles, mostly cover-versions. He crossed over to Presley’s British opponents and was the main island sex symbol, causing almost hysterics. However, he was quickly forgotten, after spending too much time on American tours, and then marrying. (However, this latter was not his irreparable error because he brought out two children, which will later serve him – as we will see – well-served).

In the early ’60s, Marty turned his back on acting, and in the 1970s, he was doing various jobs in the entertainment industry. Along the way, he tried to make an English edition of Little Jimmy Osmond from his son Ricky, but it did not work.

Although she grew up surrounded by music, Kim’s daughter always wanted to become a fashion designer, but when she learned that ninety-five percent of all women’s clothes were made by men, she disappointed and left the children’s idea. She decided, of course, to follow in her father’s footsteps. As soon as the old Fox Mickie Most heard and saw her, it was clear to him. Kim is young, very pleasing to the eye (I hope that P. Lukovic will agree), and she is also gifted. Kim is young, very pleasant to the eye (I hope that with this and P. Lukovic will agree), and besides that, she is gifted. Her first Kids in America was slowly having a tremendous success on both sides of the Atlantic, and some already considered this girl as a British response to Blondie. Otherwise, Kids in America is completely a family matter – the song was written by Dad, and produced by a brother. (Zak Bosnjak)
(Kim is really irresistible, in which we Hugo Burnham, drummer Gang Of Four, and I convinced one day in the EMI premises, Burnham had some more success in convincing – Kremer)