The Wilde side of life!

BJ takes to the road with the Wilde woman of rock – Kim Wilde!

Kim wilde reckons that at the moment she often doesn’t know where she’s going to spend the night! “That sounds pretty weird, but I’m in the process of moving to a new flat”, Kim explains. “I’m still trying to work out what furniture and decor to have, and while half of my belongings are here, the rest of my stuff is at my parents’ house!”

“I guess it’s convenient really because we’ve now got our own tudio which we’ve had built near their house. So when I’m doing recording work I tend to stay with Mum and Dad then take off for my own flat when I’ve other things to do. I’m living by myself because I really do feel the need to have some time to call my own. Not that I’m unsociable, far from it. You won’t find anyone who likes to be surrounded by friends more than I do. But there are moments when I just need to think.”

Kim won’t have much time for that, though ‘cos when her new album “Catch as catch can” is released in America she hopes to be doing some concerts and television work over there. “I really love the whole touring thing”, she says, “although I certainly seem to spend a lot of my time in restaurants!”


“It’s perfectly true”, she laughs, “People are always wanting to take m out for meals after shows when I’m abroad and I have to watch my weight because there’s nothing I like more than trying tempting new dishes… When I was in Japan for a couple of weeks I had a field day. I had so much traditional Japanese food that after a while even I tended to go off it. But I’m back to eating in Japanese restaurants in Britain now! It’s in France that I seem to go crazy for food more than any other place because I suppose they’re reckoned to be the experts. But I like being in Paris – it’s so peaceful. I can catch up on my reading or just unwind without the temptation of switching the television on. During the daytimes there, if I get the opportunity, I like to go for walks up the Champs Elysees but the price of the stuff in the shops is so expensive, I’m really only a window shopper!”


With a European tour and British dates behind her, as well as all the recording and television, kim says that she’s now ready to start thinking about her holidays. “Each year in the inter I take a small break and it’s nearly always a ski-ing holiday in Italy”, she told BJ. “What usually happens is that a whole crowd of about nineteen or more go together. Most of them are old school friends of mine I’ve known for years. We book a whole bloco kof flats in a complex and just take it over for a couple of weeks! I know ski-ing’s supposed to be a dangerous sport but so far none of us has broken anything, although I’ve come close to it on a few occasions when I’ve collided with things. It’s all quite serious, though, and I hope to keep on with the sport as long as I can. But I do have to do plenty of exercises before I go or else it makes you ache like mad!”

Kim is now looking forward to a challenging year and intends soon to begin a new project of songwriting. “I know that’s hard work, but I just have to give it a try”, she says.