Today in Wien-Oberlaa for the first time: Kim Wilde – You can dance on the parquet!

Exactly 13 days after her 23rd birthday (“I thought I was already 24”) the British rock blonde Kim Wilde made her first guest appearance in Vienna. And the record millionaire’s anticipation is great. No rows of chairs in the Kurhalle Oberlaa. “I wanted that,” she beams.

A first positive impression that the beginning Kim Wilde of Vienna has. Otherwise, however, her impressions of Austria are sparse. “I drove straight from the airport to the hotel and the only thing I know about Austria is that Mozart came from here,” she says frankly. And as it looks, the swarming enthusiast only has her work and success in mind. In any case, men are (almost) not an issue for them: “I am not interested in my admirers at all,” she says in a chilled British voice, “and I’m also not Rod Stewart, who makes out with someone after a concert in a pub.”

And what to expect at your concert? “One and a half hours of hot music, the best light show I could get and 100 percent Kim Wilde,” she promises. A tip: If you come early, you can choose your position.