Toughie Kim’s Wilde world

How do you make it to the top? Kim Wilde, whose single Love Blonde is now in the charts, admits she has a ruthless streak which helped.
Kim, 22, daughter of fifties star Marty Wilde, says: “In this business you soon find out who your friends are. My father found that out and so have I. If I discover somebody isn’t a friend I cut then out of my life, no questions asked. It’s goodbye forever. For the same reasons, I’m hard on boyfriends. I put them through little tests to see whether they really want me. I know life must be that little bit more difficult for any man who’s with me.”
Not that Kim’s current fella seems to mind. He’s Gary Barnacle, saxophonist in her band. They have been going out for a year and recently had a romantic holiday in the West Indies.
Kim says: “I want to marry and have a family. But there’s plenty of time for me yet. My mother had her last baby at 40, so I can’t see why I should start panicking!”