Who tells Kim Wilde what to wear?

“Has Kim Wilde changed?” many fans wondered after hearing the new sound of “Love blonde” but also because Kim suddenly looked very different. We asked the singer herself and got a very clear answer…

“Well, I certainly heard about it”, Kim Wilde begins when we talk about her successful return to the charts. “I change into a dress for a change, and everyone suddenly wonders if I changed my image! The public had apparently grown familiar with my jeans and t-shirts. I still wear them, of course,” Kim, who celebrates her 23rd birthday on November 18th, laughs. “But because “Love Blonde” has a very distinct style, I decided to wear appropriate clothing for the song. Anyway, all the talk about image is such nonsense to me. I never had an image! I never made a list of what to wear and how to act. We never talk about such things at home. You can ask my friends, they know what I’m like. No, success can change people, but it’s not the case with me. I have grown a little older, but that’s natural.”
At this point our talk is interrupted by Kims three year old sister Roxanne, who wants the attention of her older sister. “No, Roxanne”, Kim says, “I don’t have time right now”. Laughing she continues: “You know, I can always use good advice, but I will never use the advice of a clothes designer. A lot of other artists do that, but I always pick out my own clothing. So who knows, you might see me in something totally different on TV. Because I don’t like people to always know what I look like next. That’s not just clothing either: it also the music. I don’t like to play one type of music all the time. My new album will be totally different from the first one, and don’t think all the songs will be like “Love blonde” either. There is no other song like it on the album.
It’s turned out very different and we, my brother, my father and I, are really satisfied with it. We didn’t work so long on it for nothing!”
“No”, Kim concludes, “Kim Wilde can not be put in a box and labelled. I won’t have it!”