Why Kim Wilde doesn’t like animals

When Kim Wilde’s new album is released in the autumn, many things have happened in her life. She has done her first ever tour and now she has to prove that she’s more than the lovely, sexy blonde that has had some luck scoring a few big hits. Actually: Kim has changed. She has become more independent and it seems she is harder than before as well. A quote about her dislike of certain animals in a recent interview would never have been noted from her mouth in the old days. But Kim doesn’t swallow her words anymore.

‘Well, it’s just the truth. I simply don’t like animals in the house, like stinking dogs that lick you everywhere. I now live in a flat in London, and you won’t find a cat or dog in there. I won’t go to a zoo anymore either, it resembles an old prison.’

Would you have said such things in the old days as well?
‘I suppose not. I do understand that I’m not really pleasing some of my fans who are animal lovers. But I don’t feel like pretending to be someone else, and according to the many letters I get from my fans, they seem to understand.’

Do you get many letters?
‘Loads. There are a lot among them that really touch me, like those of four year old kids who send me their drawings. For some reason I also get a lot of letters from ill people, and that moves me too. I like letters that are straightforward, in which the writer doesn’t ask for anything, but just tells things about him- or herself. That’s wonderful to read.’

Love Blonde is high in the charts and Kim is looking forward eagerly towards the reactions on her new album. Because a lot will depend on that. Like her future.