Wilde is planning to land

[Translated for Wilde Life by Anders Storm]

Kim Wilde, new LP Catch as catch can, is visiting Denmark this month with her band to play in the Falkoner Teater on December 8. You could read the news about Kim’s visit here in Vi Unge on October 1, two weeks before all the other magazines.
‘It will first and foremost be songs from my new album I will play, but also some of the old hits of course’, she promised. Here she is in front of the Copenhagen Railwaystation.

Kim Wilde sweet, slim and a whole new girl

‘One day I saw myself on the TV screen and said: ‘No, you are only 21 and you are getting fat. You are living very unhealthy. Since that day I haven’t smoked ­ and I don’t use salt or sugar. I’ve also started going regularly to a gym and working out. Otherwise I would look disastrous in 5 years time and even worse in 10 years time.’
This is the blonde Kim Wilde (22) speaking, who is one of the dear guests visiting Denmark in December, and also back in the charts with her new album ‘Catch as catch can’. Her European tour by the way is arranged by the Danish bureau Dansk Koncert Bureau.
Kim Wilde isn’t married and she doesn’t have any kids, but she has a steady boyfriend, Gary Barnacle, she has a BMW, a cool flat in London and she is pouring out all her motherly love on her 4 year old sister Roxanne.
Kim Wilde is still a little impressed by all the commotion she has caused and know that it is not likely that it will last. ‘I have always taken fame and fortune like an experience. The downpart won’t be that bad for me. Remember I have a dad who has been there and done that. Been up there with the big ones and then going through times with no hits. I’ve been out with him a lot of times, seen the concert venues, but also the clubs in the northern England, seen the dirty dressing-rooms. That’s why I know I can cope with it the day it should happen that it’s over’, she says.
‘But just because you’re not in the limelight all the time, there’s no excuse for not keep in good shape. I won’t end up with tyres around my waist and that’s why I live a healthy life.’