Wilde Kim!

“Man, she has more power than a volcano”, said the fans, when Kim Wilde came on tour through Germany for the first time early December. Whoever thought that a shy, quiet girl would come on stage, would have thought they were at the wrong concert. Because Kim – in black jeans, t-shirt and a heavy bullet belt – made a super show, in which nothing could be seen of any stagefright. Still, during her test concerts in Scandinavia Kim was totally unsure! “Usually I feel very lost on stage”, confessed Kim a few weeks before her German tour! “Then I would like to disappear behind the curtains!”
It was obvious that some critics who like to play “rock police” were forecasting a live flop. But nothing came of that! Kim whirled on the stage, roared her superhits into the microphone, shook her hips and worked with her band as if she’d been on stage for years! The stage fright was blown away and everyone saw that Kim was the most satisfied of all about her new confident self.
“The fans were also wonderful”, beamed sexy Kim, during the calls of “Encore, encore” in the hall by the fans. “With an atmosphere like this nothing could go wrong! I have to get back on stage now. Come on guys, let’s go!”
And during the last encore Kim and her band played it loud for one last time. “Kids in America”, roared Kim… and with her thousands of happy fans.